Multislice CT Scan

Multislice CT Scanner is a focused scan that captures more image slices in a shorter period of time. This means less radiation and greater accuracy than a traditional CT. CT scans provide precise views of all types of tissues in the body. The machine itself has a comfortable examination table on which the patient will lay still on. The device will take multiple scans within typically only a few minutes. The machine itself is like an upright donut. It is only about 18 inches wide so it will not provoke any claustrophobia. For any CT scan with contrast you should be without food or drink for 4 hours before. Water or black coffee and tea as well as any medications are fine.

We Offer
  • Neuro
  • 3D Rendering
  • Contrast enhanced
  • Musculoskeletal(Low dose cancer screening)
  • Whole Body CT(High resolution long screening)