High Field Open MRI

High Field Open MRI is a miracle of modern science! There are no harmful effects because there is no radiation. The machine does not move and nothing will touch you. It is just like getting your picture taken where you only need to lay still so the images don’t get blurry. Our High Field machine offers the open design while not compromising on quality like a low field scanner would. We take pride in our ability to make you feel comfortable and do whatever it takes to help you complete your exam. Also the machine can handle body weight up to 550lbs!

Because it is a large magnet, the metal pieces inside the machine bang around a bit and make the loud tapping noise the MRI is known for. We can offer headphones and ear plugs for your comfort. The technologist will be in communication with you throughout the exam and we have a whole wall of windows in the room to make it feel more open. After your exam you will leave with a disc that has the images on it which you can view on your home computer!