The Exam
Are there situations that will prevent me from being scanned?

Some patients with metal implants cannot be safely scanned in the MR environment. People with pacemakers, aneurysm clips, especially in the brain; and neurostimulators generally cannot be scanned. Anyone with surgical pins, shrapnel, plates or other type of metal implants should notify the technologist. You will be required to provide a health history when you arrive for your exam explaining any metallic implants you may have. A doctor will determine of a particular metal implant is approved to be in an MRI environment.

When can I get my exam results?

Written MRI exam results are generally available to your physician within 24 hours, and sooner, when necessary.

I heard you have to remain still. Is this true?

Remaining still throughout the exam is extremely important, especially for periods of 3 to 10 minutes while the series of images are collected.

Is there any discomfort with the procedure?

No. Since MRI/CT is “non-invasive”, the exam is painless. However, your doctor may utilize a contrast agent to better visualize a part of your anatomy. If this is the case, you may receive a simple injection prior to or during the exam.

Will I be able to communicate with the technologist during the session?

You can communicate with the MRI technologist any time. The technologist remains within viewing and talking distance of the patient througout the imaging session.

Why is this test important to my doctor?

The MRI allows doctors to see images of your internal organs and structures in great detail from many angles. This gives them information more quickly, and in many cases more economically, than past tests and exploratory surgeries.

What do I have to do prior to the exam?

There are several forms that should be completed prior to the exam. These are available on this website under “Patient Info -> Forms”. It will save time if you complete these in advance and bring them in on the appointed day.

Will I feel any sensations during my MRI Scan?

No, but you will hear a loud knocking or buzzing sound at various intervals throughout your exam. Other than that, you won’t feel a thing.

How long does the MRI take?

A typical MRI exam will last from 40 minutes to 50 minutes.

Does Salt Creek have an Open MRI?

Yes, we have a High Field Open MRI

Does MRI use X-Rays?

No. MRI uses a powerful magnet in conjunction with radio frequency waves to generate images of your internal organs and structures. There is no ionizing(x-ray) radiation.

Will I feel any sensations during my CT Scan?

If you are given a contrast injection, you may experience a warm sensation during the exam, as the contrast travels through your body.

Does CT use X-Rays?

Yes, a thin x-ray beam rotates around the patient. Small detectors measure the amount of x-rays that make it through the patient or particular area of interest.

How long does the CT exam take?

A typical CT exam will last from 10 minutes to 20 minutes.

DEXA Bone Density
How long does the DEXA bone density exam take?

A DEXA bone density exam will last 6 minutes.