1.5 Tesla Open MRI

SIEMENS Espree 1.5T Open MRI A whole new kind of open

MAGNETOM Espree™, the world’s first and only 1.5T Open Bore MRI, changed Open MRI forever. With its compact length of only 125 cm (4’) and unobstructed true 70cm x 70cm bore diameter, it combines an unprecedented level of comfort with the image quality and diagnostic confidence of high-field MRI. Powered by Tim (Total Imaging Matrix technology). MAGNETOM Espree with its CT-like design offers a new level of flexibility, accuracy, and speed. With Siemens syngo®-based applications that provide pristine image quality for faster recognition of details. Such as imaging of the spine, diffusion-weighted imaging in the body, and 3D acquisitions with various contrasts.

MAGNETOM Espree brings new benefits

• A unique combination of 1.5T and 70 cm Open Bore
• The shortest 1.5T system at just 4’ long
• 33 mT/m gradients @ SR 100 T/m/s
• Fast exams for any patient
• WARP – Metal Artifact reduction

Comprehensive State of the Art Applications

8 Imaging Suites of scan sequences, imaging parameters and protocols: Neurologic, Orthopedic, Angiography, Pediatric, Oncology, Body, Cardiac, Breast


• Tim 18-channel phased array RF Z-engine gradients @ Slew Rate 100
• Patient Matrix Table – supports 550 lbs
• PMU Bluetooth Wireless gating
• Composing & Inline Composing
• Diffusion and Perfusion neuro imaging
• Inline Diffusion post processing
• 15 Channel Knee coil
• 16 Channel Neuro Vascular array
• Spine CTL Matrix coil
• Shoulder Coil (large & small)
• Flex coils
• Lightweight 12 channel Body Matrix coil


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