Patient Info

Before Your Appointment

If you are having an MRI: It is important to fill out the “Patient Checklist” before you schedule an exam to be sure you or anyone who is accompanying you is safe to go into the scanning room. We need to know if you have any implanted items in your body because the MRI is such a powerful magnet. We take your safety very seriously so if you have any paperwork or wallet cards regarding your implant be sure to bring that to your appointment and mention it to the staff.

Scheduling: The best time for an exam with minimal waiting time is the first appointment of the day. Although being on time is one of our highest priorities, the exams are timed by computer and if someone is late or requires extra attention it may put the schedule behind. Because we are an emergency medical facility, certain circumstances beyond our control may occur and we will take every step to notify you as far in advance as possible. Despite these rare occurrences, a majority of our appointments run on time and the delay typically runs no longer than 30 minutes.

Your Prescription: Please bring your doctor’s prescription with you to your appointment. To assist us with staying on schedule it is important when you call to make your appointment that you read all the information to the best of your ability. Often the doctor has written more than one scan on the prescription.

Admission Forms: Feel free to complete all of the pre-admission applicable forms that are on this website. All patients must complete the General History Form and Release of Medical Information and the Privacy Policy, which you will have to provide an actual signature when you come for your exam. If you are having a Bone Density/DEXA or a Breast MR there are separate history sheets for those exams and the general history sheet does not apply.

Health Insurance/Prior Authorization: It will be necessary for you to provide us with all of your health insurance information ahead of time. Since 2006, most insurance implemented a “Prior Authorization” for radiology exams. This needs to be done before your appointment in order for your insurance to cover your exam. Please don’t forget to bring your insurance card to your exam.

Metal: We ask that you take off anything made of metal. Your wedding ring is usually okay to leave on unless we are scanning that hand. Also, please tell us if you have any implants with metal components. Patients with cardiac pacemakers or other implanted electronic devices  may be unable to have an MRI. Please discuss this with your doctor and our facility right away.

Clothes: We suggest that you wear comfortable clothes. Remember that metal cannot go into the MRI exam room. The magnet will delete data from credit cards, cell phones, and Ipods.


On The Day Of Your Appointment

Before you come to Salt Creek Medical Imaging, please carefully follow any instructions given to you about eating, drinking or taking medication. If you are having a scan of your abdomen or pelvis, it is helpful not to eat or drink four hours prior. Normally, you can stay on any medications you are taking.

Don’t forget to bring any previous MRI or CT exams, so that we may compare your current exam to your previous exam.

You may bring someone to accompany you during the exam. Parents may remain with children during the exam in most cases.

When you arrive, we will thoroughly explain the procedure, answer any questions you may have, ask you about your medical history, and request that you complete several forms. We would prefer that you complete these forms on-line in this website prior to your exam and e-mail them to us.

You will be assigned a private dressing room for your personal belongings. It is best to leave all valuable items at home if you don’t absolutely need them.  Please note that the magnetic strips on your credit cards will be erased if they are exposed to the magnetic field of the machines.

A technologist will postion you on the scanning table and explain how the machine operates. Occasionally, a contrast agent is required to enhance certain images. If this is necessary, you will be given an injection.

While you may be surprised by some of the sounds made by the scanner, these are normal. Headphones are availabe upon request if you would like to listen to music.